Wilderness Adventures: Out in The Wild

There’s something primitive that just calls out to us – we may live in civilized cities and be used to all modern amenities, but at times, our souls long for that break away – to get back into nature and be one with her. Many people are venturing into unknown areas, discovering new locations and learning for themselves the beauty and the power of nature. For the true adventurer, the call of nature is like nothing else. Here are a few places that will make your heart soar and your soul fly with the freedom of being away from the maddening city crowds.

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  • Glacier National Park

Be one amidst snow capped mountains and large glaciers that cut through rock and stone. Come across grizzly bears and mountain goats in your travels and savor the solitude. You can access it through the famous Going-to-the-Sun road and with over 700 hiking trails; it’s enough to keep the adventurous wanderlust in you satisfied. Breathe the fresh mountain air and meet fellow hikers once in a while. It’s not as crowded or popular as the National Parks down South, but it has so much to offer in terms of diverse wildlife and scenic beauty. This wilderness area is located in Montana’s Rocky Mountains and whether you’re fit as a horse or just out from the city for a short break, there’s something for everyone. Just bring your tent and be ready to face the wilderness.

  • mont-blanc-1117821_1920Tour du Mont Blanc

If hiking is your passion, then the wildflower choked meadows of the area around this 15,781 foot mountain will get your passion ignited. Take in the fresh air and the majestic sights that only a mountain landscape can offer. You travel through three different countries and get a view of some of Europe’s most dramatic display of glaciers. If you’re looking to be in the wilderness, then the solitude of being so high up amidst the rooftop of Western Europe will attract your attention. Carry a tent and camp in scenic spots and take the hike slow or fast, but this scenic route will definitely be an adventure of a lifetime.

  • Explore the Wild West

Explore the northern great plains of northeast Montana that Lewis and Clark had discovered on their journey more than two centuries ago. Go mountain biking on old ranch roads, scan the never ending skies for American kestrels, pass by herds of grazing bison and camp under the stars at the Buffalo Camp for $10. Feel like a cowboy and turn back time to the days of the Wild West when it still lay untamed.

  • Dream action packed Adventure

torres-del-paine-1079691_1920Explore the vast wild spaces of Patagonia National Park where you can view pristine clear watered rivers which teem with big sized trout. Explore the swatch of untouched glaciers in Yendegaia National Park or stay in the middle of an 11,000 acre vineyard which offers spectacular views of the Andes and go mountain biking through trails within the vineyards. Go horseback in the wilderness and gaze at the starry skies which are considered to be the clearest skies on Earth. Such is the beauty – you’ll really feel like the civilized world around you has faded away.

  • Lose yourself in an expanse of blue

Visit the untouched paradise of Palau. Located in a remote corner of the Pacific, this oasis is a harbor for an ancient island culture and a very diverse environment. Explore the lush, clear waters and swim with the fishes, explore unexplored island beaches, swim with the dolphins or with the Jellyfish – in this place, only your imagination is your limit.

Hiking and Camping trips

The world is a truly magnificent place and there are still many places on this planet that man has not spoilt with his touch. Some of these places listed below are far from civilization and are considered to be amongst the best places for hikers to plan their camping trips. So get your camping gear and head for these destinations.

  • Laugavegurinn Trail

OD-BC824_ICELAN_GR_20140625114056Locate in Iceland, this 34 mile – 4 day trip is for intermediate hikers and is considered to be Iceland’s most popular hiking trail. Hikers are treated to pure, unadulterated views of spectacular wildernesses, cascading waterfalls, striking glaciers complete with volcanic landscapes to give the traveler the illusion that they have landed on a whole new planet.

  • Queen Charlotte Track

This 44 mile – 4 day hiking trail takes the traveler through one of New Zealand’s best ‘tramping’ tracks. The south island trek winds through the Marlborough Sounds and has only a few difficulties that most hikers can easily overcome. The path offers spectacular views of skyline ridges surrounded by pristine glassy waters and is maintained well. For those who wish to discover New Zealand’s green Wonderland can take this trail as it offers access to lush beech forests and other native foliage that will keep the avid hiker happy.

  • The Inca Trail to Machu Picchu

This trail is located in the Andes and is a very strenuous hike that covers 30 miles in a four day hike. The pathways were stove paved roads created by the Incas hundreds of years ago and there are various trails with varying degrees of difficulty. The hiker will pass through the alpine tundra, prehistoric stonework, fog covered forests and finally end up in the famous ruins of Machu Picchu. You have high chances of meeting some llamas along the way to keep you company.

  • The Arctic National Park

This park offers the experienced backpackers a trip of a lifetime – the alaska-1245033_1280chance to trek through the 13,238 miles of expanse that will leave you alone with nature. You will be surrounded by the Boreal Forest, the Arctic foothills Tundra, wild and scenic rivers and the Brooke Range Mountains. This is only for the bravest and most experienced of hikers and your trip can last as long as your provisions do. The positive (or negative depending upon how you want to look at it) is that you will not see another living human soul on your hike – you have higher chances of meeting grizzlies, wolverines or foxes as you tag along trails made by vast herd of caribou. You’ll test your skills armed only with maps and your GPS.

  • Lukla to Everest Base Camp

This seventy mile – 16 day hike will take you to amazing vistas that only the adventurous can feast their eyes on. It’s not so tough but it’s the acclimatization that can really hit you. You don’t have to summit Everest to take in its beauty or the spectacular landscape that surrounds it and this hike will take from the Khumbu district of Nepal to EBC. This journey will give you a stunning view of four of the highest peaks in the world – Everest, Lhotse, Makalu and Cho Oyu. You will pass by massive glaciers, rivers, prayer wheels to send a prayer into the air, swing bridges that you will want to hang on to, Buddhist monasteries and witness the monks chant in unison and of course, the friendly Sherpas who will guide you through the terrain. You will be exposed to a different culture and a very different landscape – you just have to remember that the climb to EBC will be around 8,800 feet and TBC stands at 17,590 feet above sea level.

Backpacking Escapes and Tips

Even though we live in a world where civilization surrounds us at every corner, we long for that solitude that only being out with nature can give us. Whether you want to be one with the mountainous landscape or walk next to the coast, through lush green forests or sandy stretches, these locations are great for back packers.

  • Grand Teton National Park

Located in Wyoming, this trail will take you through the interior spine of the Teton Range. Check out iconic summits and bursts of color as the flowers bloom in the brief hiking season.

  • santa-elena-canyon-347400_1920Big Bend National Park

This Texas trail will expose you to hundred mile views of hills, arroyos and mesas of the Chichuachuan Desert.

  • Wonderland Trail

Mount Rainier has a slumbering volcano that is surrounded by the Cascades – experience the wilderness of the snowfields and crevasses at the peak or the flower filled meadows with herd of elk and the occasional black bear.

  • Tuolumne Meadows to Yosemite Valley

Yosemite is a national park with unparelled grandeur where implacable granite meets blue horizons, challenges meet determined climbers. Stop by the lakes on your way and meander through the giant pine trees before heading down into the valley.

  • Thorofare

This refers to an area in Yellowstone that is the last cornerstone of America’s true wilderness and it will come as no surprise that it is grizzly-bear-861962_1280teeming with wildlife. Grizzly bears will amble along the park, with the occasional wolf pack making their rounds. This is as close to the primeval as you can possibly get and parts of this region will be far from any road or paved path.

Tips for Backpackers

It’s all well and good having great destinations to plan for, but if you’re a beginner backpacker, what do you carry with you? There’s a thing known as being over prepared, especially if you’re going to be lugging around more than you need. As your feet will be the only mode of transport when you’re backpacking, it’s best to carry light but carry smart. Here are a few things that should be on your check list and also the mistakes you should avoid.

  • Avoid Denim

This is such a bad idea. Not only are jeans heavy, if they get wet you’ll be miserable and it will feel like you’re wading through a swamp of quicksand. It will take longer to dry out and it will weigh more. Denim is made of cotton and as it absorbs the moisture instead of polyester fabrics, it will keep you shivering with cold during the nights. You also stand the chance of having your jeans ice up in below freezing weather.

  • Packing a first Aid kit

This can be the difference between trouble and safety, a good trip and a bad one. Don’t pack a whole pharmacy with you because chances are, you won’t need a lot of things you are carrying or you don’t know what a lot of items will be used for. Pack a simple first aid kit like band aids, bandages, medical or duct tape, ibuprofen, alcohol wipes and Benadryl to name a few.

  • Wearing New Boots

walking-boots-220499_1280If you’re planning to do a hike that is more than just an hour’s walk in the park, wearing new boots is an absolute no-no. Your comfort level dictates if your hike will be enjoyable or not and new breaking in your boots on your backpacking trip is a recipe for being miserable. You’ll end up with blistered feet at the very least. Break n your shoes weeks before your rip commences so that it gets used to the contours of your feet.