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This site is dedicated to providing useful information on wilderness backpacking and hiking.


Wilderness backpacking is a fantastic activity that presents opportunity for adventure and discovery. It can be done alone, with a partner, in a group or as a family.

There is undoubtedly something very special and unique about setting up camp miles from any civilization, about waking up and watching a sunrise deep in the mountains and that rewarding feeling of independence that comes with it.

Spectacular views

Exploring wild areas on foot is not only an opportunity to increase your wilderness awareness, you will also be able to see incredible views that sometimes can take your breath away. Many great places on our earth can only be seen by foot.

My many backpacking trips during the last 30 years have given me many unforgettable moments and, lucky me, still there are many more fantastic places to visit and spectacular views to be seen.

Careful preparation

However, before you head for the wilderness, spend time to prepare your trip. Careful preparation is essential for all wilderness travels to be safe and successful.

Enjoy your reading!

Take your time and read all the information at this website. I hope you have as much fun exploring this website as I have had been creating it.

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Backpacking gear
Learn how to choose the appropriate backpacking gear for a safe and enjoyable trip.
Backpacking tent
Select your backpacking tent with care, it's your portable home away from home, read more . . .
Backpacking sleeping bag
Get some help choosing the best backpacking sleeping bag for your needs.
The best backpacks
Get some help choosing the best backpacks for your needs. . .
Backpacking stoves
Learn which backpacking stoves that will fulfill your cooking needs. . .
Backpacking clothing
Pick your backpacking clothing with care, learn why. . .
How to read a map and a compass
Knowing how to read a map and a compass is a required skill for all wilderness travelers.
Wilderness survival tips
Before you head into the backcountry some wilderness survival tips could be of value to you, read more . . .
Wilderness Backpacking trips
Backpacking trips and adventures, but where to go:
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this site:

Thank you for great advice, especially the backpacking clothing section.


I'm a newbie to wilderness backpacking and found your site of great value. Thank you for sharing all this information for free.

Mike Wilson

Thanks Erik, the information you have on your site has helped me to understand what to bring on a hiking trip.

Andy Young

We have used your site to plan our next backing trip in the northern Utah. I want to say thank you. We also found the navigation information you have provided easy to understand.

Jill + friends :)


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